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I-THERM uses breakthrough technology to give pets rapid relief from pain, fast recovery from injuries, and an unrivaled power to heal naturally.

  • The most advanced technology of the last 10 years

  • Non-invasively and comfortably delivers precise therapeutic heat

  • Significantly increasing blood flow to the area, while quickly removing fluids and toxins

  • Providing rapid healing and pain relief, as never before possibe



 I-THERM offers new hope to restore comfort and health to pets!

" I have never seen performance to equal that of your equipment in terms of deep penetration and precise localization of electromagnetic heating"

Duke University Medical Center

Director of Hyperthermia Physics and Engineering

"For older dogs with arthritis,

I-Therm keeps the going longer,

decreases their pain and really 

helps improve their quality of life!"

Highlands veterinary clinic, Sparta, NJ

Nancy Shay. DVM

" The results for pain managment

are outstanding and incredible!

I-Therm has eliminated pain and lameness for all of my dog and cat patients and has given them pai relief like no prescription medication could ever do."

Village Animal Hospital, Jericho, NY

Denise Ceravolo. DVM

" I saw absolutely impressive results in increased confort and range of motion!"

I-Therm used 72 hours after sugery for a ruptured ligament

Poolesville Veterinary Clinic, Poolesville, MD

Peter Eeg. DVM

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