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What is I-Therm?

I-Therm is a therapeutic technology that uses a proprietary non-ionizing dual energy delivery mechanism to comfortably and non-invasively heat target tissue to 41-44°C to depths of 1-15 cm. This heat increases blood flow to the treatment area by 1500%, where it accelerates healing, as never before possible!

Unlike other technologies, I-Therm works at molecular level creating heat that acts on deregulated and non-conforming cells to either heal them or accelerate apoptosis and eliminate them through increased cell wall permeability,

As a result, I-Therm :

  • Effectively produces unrivaled healing

  • Comfortably and quickly reduces pain

  • Rapidly improves quality of life


      . . . without risk of damage to            healthy tissue!

Vétérinaire avec chien

Alternative Treatments

The challenge with other modalities is they either over-treat causing collateral damage (like steroids, shock wave, and chemotherapy) or they under-perform with limited efficacy and long-term relief, especially without continuous treatments (like cold laser, ultrasound, supplements and massage).

The I-Therm Difference
I-Therm, with its patented technology and novel delivery system:

  • Provides continuous internal and external temperature monitoring

  • Delivers precise energy to the treatment area using auto calibration based on the specific absorption rate (SAR) of the target tissue

  • Effects only non-conforming cells, so healthy tissue is safe from damage

I-Therm Therapy is proven to effectively treat many clinical indications that other technologies and treatment options have failed to adequately address or must be used for an extended time. It exceeds the benefits of traditional healing treatments with visible results that reveal reduced pain, increased activity, and improved quality of life… much faster than ever before possible!

I-Therm Therapy comfortably and safely addresses:

  • Bone and joint disease

  • Pain and inflammation

  • Spinal cord injury and partial paralysis

  • Soft and hard tissue damage

  • Osteoarthritis and degenerative conditions

  • Post-surgical recovery

  • Benign and malignant tumors

  • Immune and autoimmune diseases

  • Increases range of motion

  • Increases contractile performance of muscles


I-Therm Technology up-regulates the body’s natural processes, so it heals naturally at an accelerated rate, usually within days or weeks, with no collateral damage. It uniquely regulates and monitors both surface and target tissue temperatures to ensure the treatment is comfortable and effective at 44C.

I-Therm Therapy is non-invasive and no shaving or cooling is necessary.

The healing power of I-Therm is demonstrated by patients and highly satisfied owners– it is hard to argue with the results!

A study of 22 dogs treated with this technology six times in two weeks, revealed that 84% of owners were satisfied or very satisfied with the results. 

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