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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is I-Therm?

A. I-Therm is a therapeutic system that comfortably and non-invasively uses heat to treat a variety of conditions and speed healing in animals. Its dual modality energy induces a controlled hyperthermia, which stimulates the body’s natural healing response to heat.

I-Therm Technology addresses non-conforming and deregulated cells to either heal them or flush them away, while having no effect on healthy cells.

Q: How does I-Therm work ?

A. I-Therm Therapy’s proprietary technology heats target tissue to 41-44°C to depths of 1-15 cm, which increases blood flow to the treatment area by up to 1500%. This blood flow brings oxygen to accelerate healing, as never before possible, without damage to healthy tissue.

Q: What conditions does it treat ?

A. I-Therm Therapy treats a wide range of conditions because it naturally upregulates the body’s response to heat, effectively treating:

• Bone and joint disease
• Pain and inflammation
• Spinal cord injury and partial paralysis
• Soft and hard tissue damage
• Osteoarthritis and degenerative diseases
• Benign and malignant tumors
• Immune and autoimmune diseases
• Post-surgical recovery
• Increases range of motion
• Increases contractile performance of muscles

Q: Is I-Therm safe ?

A. Yes. Energy at 915 MHz has been used in medicine for decades. Our new antenna technology and proprietary meta-material treatment pads allow for more clinical applications with lower power demands, and continuous temperature monitoring for unrivaled clinical results. Thousands of animals have enjoyed a pain free life after I-Therm Therapy.

Q: How long is each session? How many sessions will patients need?

A. An average session is 20-30 minutes for one or two treatment areas.  Often 4-6 treatments will significantly resolve the pain, slow disease progression, and show noticeable improvement, both in the exam and at home. It is important to schedule sessions every other day, if possible, to ensure sufficient sustained heat concentration in damaged cells to achieve optimal clinical benefit.

Treatment duration will depend on the age, severity, prior therapies, and diagnosis of each patient.  Patients are best served by 3x/wk, yet others may only be able to come for treatment 2x/wk. Regardless of the frequency, it is still important to have 24 hours between sessions (not less than 12 hrs or more than 48 hrs).

Q:  What does a I-Therm Therapy treatment feel like?

A. Typically, a gentle warming sensation is all that is felt by patients. In fact, many patients are so comfortable they go to sleep. In comparison, a heating pad is substantially hotter than a I-Therm pad. This internal warming and increased blood flow quickly softens tissue, increases cell wall permeability, and accelerates cell repair or apoptosis and elimination of waste, inflammation and pain.

Q:  Who is a suitable candidate?

A. Most patients with inflammation and pain, either acute or chronic, would be suitable candidates for I-Therm Therapy. It is non-invasive, comfortable, and delivers clinically optimized heat where it is needed to induce rapid healing and reduce pain. Unlike other modalities, ThermoWave treats 1-15 cm deep and can be safely used on bone and with metal implants (less than 8 cm.). However, it should not be used within three weeks of laser treatment on the same area, on wet surfaces (e.g. immediately after hydrotherapy), and for patients with an embedded electrical device.

Q:  When will patients feel results?

A.  Improvement in pain begins with the first treatment, and increased mobility is usually noticeable within the first week or two, depending on the severity, length of time of the condition, and prior therapies. I-Therm is most effective prior to surgery and results may greatly because of the tissue damage caused by surgery. Healing continues over weeks and months, as patients experience increased strength from ongoing healing and more activity.

Q:  Can patients return to normal activities after a session?

A. Patients may return to normal activity right after a I-Thermsession. However, rest is encouraged for a day or so, and activity levels may need to be managed so that healing can occur without increased chance of further injury (because patients simply feel so much better after I-Therm).

Q: Are the results permanent?

A. I-Therm results are long-lasting. For acute conditions, it heals at the molecular level restoring health to soft and hard tissue injuries. These patients will likely not return with the same complaint, provided the protocol is followed, unless they reinjure themselves.

For chronic conditions, I-Therm helps to slow degeneration, reduce pain, and improve healing over time. After a course of therapy that aligns with the patients’ condition, severity, duration, and prior therapies, additional treatments may be needed. The timing of return visits is the discretion of the owner and recommendation of the doctor. As with any treatment, individual results may vary.

Q: Why choose I-Therm over existing therapies? 

A. The challenge with other modalities is that they either over-treat causing collateral damage (like steroids, shock wave, and chemotherapy) or they under-perform with limited efficacy and little long-term relief, especially without continuous treatments (like cold laser, homeopathy and massage).

I-Therm Therapy results in rapid healing, reduced pain and improved quality of life, as never before possible. And, I-Therm is an affordable tabletop unit, so the veterinary market is finally able to access the most powerful, safe and effective non-invasive treatment for accelerating the body’s natural healing processes and eliminating pain to depths of 15cm.

Since there is no risk of harm to healthy tissue and a high likelihood of rapid pain relief and healing, as never before possible, why wouldn’t you and your patients want to try I-Therm Therapy?

Please contact us to ask how you can be the first in your area to offer I-Therm Therapy in your practice. 

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