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I-Therm up-regulates the body’s natural healing processes:

  • Comfortable, non-invasive treatment reduces pain and speeds healing

  • Quickly improves range of motion and muscle strength

  • Accelerates metabolic and anabolic functions to resolve acute and chronic conditions

  • Rejuvenates tissue and repairs neurological connections

  • Enhances the effectiveness of conventional oncology treatments

  • Achieves better apoptosis and removal of non-conforming cells

  • Serves as an alternative or complementary therapy to traditional treatments

  • Resolves injuries and disease, as never before possible

  • With no risk of damage to healthy cells!

  • And, I-Therm also accelerates and improves pre-event conditioning and post-event recovery for animals competing in sporting events, so they deliver peak performance with their very first step!




With I-Therm relief of pain, improved motion and better quality of life is generally noticeable after the first treatment and significant and lasting after 3-6 treatments for many conditions depending on their severity. Maintenance treatments may be helpful for some patients.

And, when it comes to competitive sports, I-Therm could make the difference between first and second place! Or for working animals, they could be back at work faster than other rehabilitation treatments.

Don’t wait! Your animal companion deserves the best treatment for their pain and discomfort.

Ask your veterinarian for I-Therm Therapy TODAY!

If you want your veterinarian or rehabilitation specialist to learn about I-ThermTherapy, please contact us  and let us know who you go to and why they should know about this advance in deep heat technology.


You and your pet deserve the best!

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